Why OpenConCam OpenCon Cambridge?

We initially organised OpenCon Cambridge, an OpenCon satellite meeting, because we are passionate about open access, open data and open education and we wanted to:

This was a great experience, which prompted us to continue our activities throughout the year, an started the OpenConCam group.


OpenCon Cambridge 2017

16 November, Betty and Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge. Book your place, and see details of speakers here.

OpenCon 2017 is the student and early career academic professional conference on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data being held in Berlin 11-13 Nov 2017.

The OpenCon 2017 Cambridge satellite event on 16 Nov 2017 will bring together students, early career academic professionals and open advocates from around Cambridge (although anyone is welcome to join us!).

This year's OpenCon theme is “Open in order to...” and the OpenConCam’s theme is ‘Open for everyone’.. Our goal is to support and build the open community in Cambridge. We want to empower attendees whatever their background to make a difference in their respective fields through open research, data, education and access and ensure that that difference is inclusive.

We're grateful to PeerJ and Arcadia for their support which keeps the cost low for all participants.


Monthly meetings are held on at the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs on the first Tuesday of the month from 12:30pm to 13:30pm. Everyone's welcome!

Previous events

OpenConCam 2016 was on the 24th November 2016 from 9:30am - 5pm at the Betty and Gordon Moore Library. You can find more information at the event website and video recordings of the talks at our youtube channel .

You can find notes about OpenCon Cam 2015 here and video recordings of the talks at our YouTube channel.

See our notice board on github.

Contact us

Open a GitHub issue, get in touch via twitter at @OpenConCam or send an email on the OpenConCam google group.

Open activists

Michelle Brook (@MLBrook) Thinker, writer, researcher. Lives in a Venn diagram of science, tech, inclusion, open, data & politics. Works @demsoc & has spare time for interesting projects

Stephen Eglen (@StephenEglen) Open data, open source software, open access, open education

Rupert Gatti (@rupertgatti) Economist at Trinity College. Co-founder of Open Book Publishers, publishing Open Access academic books and monographs.

Laurent Gatto (@lgatt0) Open science, reproducible research, bioinformatics, computational biology, proteomics, more omics, emacs, and a lot of R, running, swimming and parenting.

Danny Kingsley (@dannykay68) Head of Scholarly Communication at the University of Cambridge.

Keren Limor-Waisberg (@TheLiteracyTool, @OpenResCam) Enabling scientific literacy and promote a more accessible, inclusive, and collaborative science.

Anna Lombardi (LinkedIn) Postdoctoral research associate in Physics at the University of Cambridge, investigating optical properties of nanomaterials. Strong interest in science policy, open science, open research: how to increase the impact of science (beyond impact factors)?

Corina Logan (@LoganCorina) animal behaviour researcher in Zoology @Cambridge_Uni promoting ethical and non-discriminatory publishing practices.

Jenny Molloy (@jenny_molloy) Coordinator of @SynBioSRI and @_OpenPlant | Manager of @TheContentMine | Mosquito biologist turned explorer of open science practices and IP

Ross Mounce (@rmounce) biodiversity informaticist @Cambridge_Uni | @SystAssn council member | editor @RIOJournal | @ContentMine | Blog http://rossmounce.co.uk

Peter Murray-Rust (@petermurrayrust) a chemist interested in semantic web and open scholarship (open data). Bearsuit carries placards for justice. Unless we fight we perish

Yvonne Nobis (@yvonnenobis) Science Librarian, Cambridge. Former publisher, increasingly zealous OA advocate (yes, a surprise to me too) & increasingly, bad-tempered about everything else.

Richard Smith-Unna (@blahah404) PhD student @Cambridge_Uni, computational plant biologist, hacker. @mozillascience fellow. @solvers_io. Team @thecontentmine & @biojl_ & @solvers_IO

Marta Teperek (@martateperek) Research Data Facilitator, University of Cambridge

Ben Webb (@bjwebb67) Software developer at Open Data Services, a workers co-op that helps people publish and use open data.

Kirstie Whitaker (@kirstie_j) Mozilla fellow for science studying brain development. Python coder, open & reproducible scientist, Fulbright alumna & dog owner.

Want to join? Follow instructions here.